A Masterclass to Finding Low Competition Print on Demand Keywords

Welcome to my guide on how to find Print on Demand keywords. This guide will focus on:

  • Merch By Amazon
  • Etsy
  • Redbubble
  • Amazon KDP

The idea behind this article is to show people an exact blue print for scraping Google Search Results using specific Search Operators to tell Google to only show us indexed pages we want to be shown.

For example, go to Google and type site:redbubble.com and you will see Google will show you only indexed pages from Redbubble’s website.

This alone is fine, and because we can tell Google to only show us results that started ranking in the last week, you can see that this already is pretty cool.

However, I have honed my technique and I can honestly say that this is the best way to get tens of thousands of keywords for free, directly from Google.

Firstly, choose a search operator:

Marketplace platformSearch operatorOther keywords
Merch by Amazonsite:amazon.com inurl:/s?k intitle:t-shirt intext:resultsT-shirts, Women’s v-neck, Raglans, Tank tops, Long sleeve t-shirts, Crewneck sweatshirts, Pullover & zip hoodies, Popsocket, iphone case, samsung case, tote bag, throw pillow, pullover hoodies,
Amazon KDPsite:amazon.com intitle:planner intext:”1..900 results”tracker, planner, diary, journal, log, notebook, puzzle book, activity book, register,
Etsysite:etsy.com inurl:/market/ intext:”1..900 results” intitle:shirtTake any keywords from Etsy’s website at the top to match your niche
Redbubblesite:redbubble.com inurl:/shop/ -people intext:”1..900 results”

The Second step is to sign up to a free Scape Serp Account:

Firstly type the search operator into the query, then set the location, the time period as the last year, and the sort by as Date, then output as CSV and press Choose CSV fields
Scroll down and click “select none” on the organic_results filter, and then select only title
Put page 1 and # of results to 100 (once you’ve got your first output, to get a different one, change page to 2
Click send API request
This will give you the following output, then just copy and paste into a spreadsheet and remove all of the data you don’t need, or just use the keywords as they are – be careful of copyright!!

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