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Hey — Hamish & Rowan, here the founders of what’s now being referred to as “The Rescue Agency” and it’s because a lot of our clients come to us with a negative past experience, an agency not adopting the latest trends or are stuck paying for expensive ads..

1,000 projects and 7M views on YouTube later we’ve learnt a thing or two about what makes a successful and ROI-positive organic search campaign…


We aggressively test SEO tactics and pair them with best practice so you get maximum results

We take a holistic approach to SEO and we also combine the two schools of thought when it comes to our strategies.

This gives you a safe and aggressive upper hand on competitors allowing you to rank quicker, build authority faster and ultimately make your entire business more sustainable.

We’ll also help you navigate conversion rate too which often means you’re covering our costs within 30-60 days anyways.

@zaakbruce · Oct 6, 2023 via Google

brought our website and marketing goals to life incredibly well and over the last 9 months has increased our website’s traffic from less than 500 a month to almost 65,000+ EVERY MONTH! and still climbing the rankings…

Zaakirah St. Clare Bruce

eCommerce Store Owner / Beauty Expert

The 3 biggest problems with
most organic SEO campaigns..

10 years and 1,000 campaigns later we’ve seen it all. We’ve learnt that best practice comes first and after that it’s about innovation.

If your store lacks authority, doesn’t have clear topical maps or the technical basics covered… Then you’re never going to grow.

Far from it, in fact.

After the hundreds of websites we’ve audited we noticed that almost ALL of them are making the save 3 growth-killing mistakes:

Here’s where most stores go wrong:

× They post walls of text in their blogs and service pages which Google immediately see’s as spam..


× Their link portfolio has never been audited or
carefully manageed and there’s a bunch of tox links..


× They don’t have all the technical SEO in place and so they build enough traffic with Google to grow quickly

These things matter — because they are actively preventing you from truly scaling your business.


How much faster would you be able to grow if your  organic traffic doubled?

You could be just three easy steps away from reaching another 100… 200… 1000 sales per day.

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We only take 2-4 clients per quarter

Jordan Kapper, Shane Teskey and 54 others

are seeing 250% organic growth in their business. Read their stories

It’s all about results

Want to see our what our strategies mean for the brands we work with?

Most of our work is locked behind NDAs, but we managed to convince a select few of our clients to let us showcase their projects below.


 Clicks Up 3,421.7%

And Getting Crazy Sales Numbers..

Clicks Up 1,113%

And Ranking #1 For Tons Of Keywords..

 Impressions Up 292.1%

And Completely Dominating Their Niche..

 Impressions Up 179%

And Hitting All Time High’s Every Day..

You’re probably thinking “What about
actual revenue though?” Let’s take a look!

We understand it’s gotta pay the bills otherwise what’s the point? It’s something we’re actually hyper focused on for every project we take on.

We’ve got to make a good case for ROI and it means a lot to us that every campaign has 10X potential.


Revenue up 2,500%

With ZERO ad spend in 2023!

27% More Organic
Visitors = 1.6M in Sales

This Is After Switching Off All Paid Media..

Revenue up 38% in 6 months

With An SEO Campaign Focused On One Region..

We’ll find the lowest-hanging fruit  and get you growing fast.

Where does it start? Well if you decide to work with us it’s vital that we start building momentum immediately, right?

We’ve all heard the “Give me 9-12 months” from SEO agencies and sure.. It does take some time but it doesn’t mean you can’t start growing from month one..

That’s why we get everything running at an aggressive pace so you get results fast. 


You’ll get tangible results and a team behind you who will:

Aggressively grow your impressions, clicks & revenue

Eradicate all technical SEO problems on your website

Backlinks & content from month #1!

They don’t call us “The Rescue Agency” for nothing.. It’s because we do things differently. If you’re eager to make organic your primary driver of growth then let’s have a 20 minute chat and find the opportunities together in real-time?

Jordan Kapper, Shane Teskey and 54 others

are seeing 250% organic growth in their business. Read their stories

Revenue up 44% for leading Car History Check brand

@shaneteskey · Mar 2, 2023

Hello, my name is Shane Teskey and I’ve been working with Kraft and in particular Rowan for a couple of years now. And some of the things I guess that would be most impressive for me, and the reasons why we’ve developed such a large relationship, would be his capacity to really understand the commercials of what we’re trying to achieve.

Just developing pretty websites that do things for no reason is really not what these guys are about. Rowan’s excellent at getting under the skin of our business and understanding why everything we do must work, and making sure that, I guess the design, the back-end, the content, the growth, all comes together.

We’ve got a couple of ongoing projects one of which has led to a 44% increase in revenue (which we could only have dreamed for in our saturated market). We’re looking forward to building on the relationship. So I would highly recommend these guys for any projects you’re looking to scale.

Shane Teskey

Founder of MotorCheck, a 7-figure car history
check brand in the UK and Ireland

Why should you trust us?

As we mentioned we’ve worked on over 1,000 projects and racked up 7M views on YouTube in process which has taught us a thing or two about organic growth.

We’re also at the end of the day just very human and it means literally everything to us that our clients succeed. We come from working class families, we’ve built everything we own and it’s with that background that we have an empathy and affinity to other business owners.

We genuinely couldn’t do it alone though and that’s where this amazing team of ours comes in too.. Gathering a group of crazy passionate people from big brand backgrounds (GoDaddy, Google, Facebook, etc.) and putting them all in a room in the west of Ireland has been a true joy.

Bottom line is, we have a deep understanding of how to grow websites organically and for whatever we don’t know we’re learning every single day, all documented on our channel @IncomeStreamSurfers (on YouTube).

So if you’re the type of person who wants to learn and implement you can get it all for free there! But if you’re too busy and need our help, then let’s talk.

“Alright, I’m sold — how does this

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